"Beautiful, isn't she? The Marie Elena. Damn fine ship, with a damn fine crew. I should know, I'm her first mate. Malvulis is my name. So believe me when I tell you we don't like it when people snoop around in our affairs. You get near that ship, and my men will run you through."
―First Mate Malvulis[src]

First Mate Malvulis is a Dunmer pirate and the first mate on the ship Marie Elena, which is docked in the Imperial City Waterfront District.


If spoken to, she describes her love for the ship, saying, "she's a damn fine ship, with a damn fine crew." She then goes on to say that if you go onto or even near the ship she and her fellow pirates will not hesitate to attack. If starting a fight with her, the guards will intervene, but there will be no charge with assault if the Hero sneak-attacks any of the pirates.

In the Dark Brotherhood quest "A Watery Grave," one will hear two other pirates on the Marie Elena conversing about her. One makes the argument that men should not be working under a woman, while the other defends her. Malvulis carries a Fine Steel Cutlass, like all other pirates in the game.


  • "I hope I made myself clear the first time. If you get near that ship, you'll end up dead. Now get out of my face."