"There's no time. The others... they were waiting for us. They knew we were coming!"

Fithragaer quote

Fithragaer is a Bosmer Battlemage and a member of the Mages Guild, holding the rank of Associate.


Liberation or Apprehension?Edit

Fithragaer and his team were sent to Nenyond Twyll in search of Mages Guild informant, Mucianus Allias, who had gone silent and was believed either to have been killed or defected. When the battlemages arrived they were ambushed and all but Fithragaer were killed.

When the Hero arrives, they will come across Fithragaer at the entrance. He will state that his team has been killed and the necromancers have retreated further into the ruins. Once he is done talking, he will charge into a spike trap and die.


  • Fithragaer can be saved if the trap is stepped on before he activates it. However, he will not proceed deeper into the ruins and may still end up activating the trap later as he wanders around the room.
  • When approaching him while wearing necromancer robes, he will scold the player and refuse any further conversation until the robes are unequipped.