"Fjokki was a bard of exceptional imagination but decidedly limited skill. According to his epic stanzas, he never met a creature he couldn't make love to or kill. Or both."
Adras Sarethi[src]

Fjokki the Bard is a mentioned-only famous nord warrior-poet. Rigurt the Brash compared poetry of the warrior-poet Vivec with Fjokki's poetry and found it is "not at all as interesting or bawdy."[1]

Art of Love and SwordplayEdit

"Been reading "The Art of Love and Swordplay" by the bard Fjokki. I don't get it. Why is this stupid book so popular? I'm pretty sure half of the things described aren't even possible. Or legal. Oh, wait a minute—this one sounds kind of interesting."
Kireth Vanos

"Art of Love and Swordplay" is a mentioned-only book of Fjokki. Original edition of this book (unreadable quest item) Vestige will bring to Adras Sarethi during the quest "Cultural Exchange."

In the judjement of Adras Sarethi "It details, in epic balladry, the carnal exploits and adventurous deeds of warrior poet Fjokki. The author claims the work is a true history, but many of the exploits it recounts are highly unlikely. It's lurid trash, and common as guar."[2]

According to catalog of Library of Dusk it's "The popular autobiography of the frisky Nord, Fjokki, whose exploits are unbelievable but strangely compelling. Not rare, but a perennial favorite here at the Library."[3]

Dusty Page is an only fragment from the "Art of Love and Swordplay."