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Race Nord
Gender Female
Level min. 5
Class Warrior
Ref ID 000430B5
Base ID 00090739

Fjola is a Nord bandit leader encountered in Mistwatch. She left her husband, Christer, and returned to Skyrim. Upon returning, she became the leader of the bandits who had taken over the abandoned fort of Mistwatch on the southern border of Eastmarch.


Forgetting about FjolaEdit

She wants the Dragonborn to convince her husband that she is dead. After the Dragonborn fulfills her request, she promises to repay the Dragonborn's kindness later, but it isn't clear how or when. If she is visited at a later date, she has no dialogue options. Her appearance is randomly generated. Her name appears as Bandit Leader instead of Fjola. Whether this is a design oversight or intentional is unknown.

If the Dragonborn chooses to help her, all bandits inhabiting Mistwatch (including any left alive and those that respawn) will become non-hostile towards the Dragonborn. This essentially grants one of the few "friendly" dungeons in the game (others include Druadach Redoubt) in which the inhabitants will not attack the Dragonborn.

She might appear with a Steel Plate Helmet at higher levels and Nordic Armor if the Dragonborn add-on is installed.

Notable LootEdit


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  • If the Dragonborn kills Fjola, then tells her husband that she is alive somewhere, the quest will then be to report back to Fjola. As she is dead, reporting to Fjola is impossible. However, killing Christer allows the quest to be completed.


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