"Thank you for releasing us from her spell."
―Fjori to the Last Dragonborn[src]

Fjori was a huntress in the forests of Skyrim before the dragons returned.


At age 29, she met Holgeir, a warlord. The two battled, falling in love when Fjori broke his axe with her sword, and he dulled her sword with his shield. Shortly after, Holgeir was bitten by a venomous snake.

Fjori obtained an elixir from the Akaviri and saved Holgeir's life. Her love fully-restored, she too was bitten by the same snake after the elixir was used up, falling dead. Holgeir built a tomb for her, killing himself after its completion.[1]


Involved in the quest "A Love Beyond Death." Fjori appears as a draugr, summoned by Lu'ah Al-Skaven, a Redguard necromancer in Ansilvund. She wields a two-handed greatsword, as she did in life. After Lu'ah is defeated, Fjori appears alongside Holgeir as a ghost, and reward the Dragonborn with Ghostblade before disappearing.


Released from Lu'ah's spellEdit

Fjori: "Thank you (Referring to the last Dragonborn.) for releasing us from her spell." Holgeir: "Now we can rest in peace once again. Come Fjori, my love..." Fjori: "Take this (Referring to the Ghostblade.) with our gratitude."




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