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For other uses, see Flame Atronach.

Belonging to a subspecies of daedra known as atronachs, the Flame Atronach resembles a faceless humanoid female in body structure, though covered in flame.


They prefer to cast fire bolts from a distance but are capable of hand-to-hand combat as well. Although their melee attacks are fairly weak, they can punch rapidly. They are easily dispatched with ice magic and only pose a significant threat in groups.

Summoned flame atronachs prefer to use ranged spells, but are more willing to fight hand-to-hand than some other summoned creatures such as liches. These atronachs start to appear in Oblivion at level 10.


General statsEdit




  • Weakness to anything that is related to water or cold, like frost.

Summon as followerEdit

  • Flame atronachs can be summoned as an ally or minion using the journeyman-level conjuration spell, Summon Flame Atronach.
  • They can also be summoned from the Atronach Altar in Frostcrag Spire for three |fire salts. Unlike other summoned creatures, atronachs created at the Atronach Altar persist until destroyed or another atronach is created at the altar.
  • Summoned flame atronachs do not drop fire salts, as summoned monsters leave no corpse. However, they can be soul trapped.


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