"During an enchanting experiment I created this Jinksword. It is strong and sharp, but the enchantment did not go as planned. I believe one of of your ilk might find it valuable, though, as you seem to have a natural resistance to the spell in question."
Raven Omayn[src]

Flawed Dwemer Jinksword is a unique one-handed Dwemer weapon. Although it is flawed, it is a superior jinksword for a vampire Nerevarine who is innately immune its paralysis on self effect. It deals more damage than other short jinkblades, has an extended paralysis effect (five seconds longer than standard), and additional uses before requiring a recharge (six more than standard).


Enchantment ID: paralysis_curse_unique_en

Both effects are cast on strike for fifteen seconds:


Blood for Mistress DrathaEdit

(Available exclusively to a vampire Nerevarine.)
Raven Omayn, the Mouth of Mistress Dratha at the Telvanni Council House in Sadrith Mora

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