Fleeing the Past is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind. It is the first of the Three main quests of Balmora. It is given by Sergeant Faldrus.


Veya Releth has ran away to find out what happened to her brother. Her father, Councilor Eris, asks you to find her. You find out that she joined the Morag Tong, and that she will not be returning home until she finds out the truth about her brother.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Councilor Eris
  2. Talk to Captain Brivan
  3. Track Veya's friends
  4. Confront Drevis
  5. Find Ashur
  6. Find Veya's Mentor at the Western Ruins
  7. enter the Ashurnibibi Ruins
  8. Help Naryu Complete Her Writ
  9. Speak to Naryu Virian
  10. Talk to Councilor Eris


Sergeant Faldrus sends you to speak to the redoran House Councilor of Balmora, to help him in his case to find his daughter, Veya Releth, who ran away again. When you speak with the Councilor, you make an arrangement with him that allows an Outsider - you - to take part in official Redoran business, as Veya knows the House Guard too well and can easily avoid them. You must now speak to Captain Brivan. After conversation, he will want you to track down Veya's friends and spy on them. Doing so will make you spy on several runners carrying letters between themselves. If you are to be caught, try again by speaking to the captain again. if you succeed, you will end up at the Inn, and you are to confront Drevis. Drevis will tell you that he forwards his letters to Ashur, a local tough, but a Morag Tong member. Ashur will be outside Balmora, attacked by Othloth Salavel, Tiram Indaram, and Derana Rothalen, who you'll have to defeat. Ashur will tell you to seek out Veya's Mentor at the Western Ruins for more direct access, so that's what you'll have to do. Once arriving at he Ashurnibibi Ruins, you'll speak to a Malacath Champion who tells you that a lone warrior has defeated each warrior who tried to face her, and entered the ruins, but it is filled with traps. Once inside, you will find out that her real name is Naryu Virian, and you have to help her with her Morag Tong Contract against a Telvanni Mage before you can ask her questions. Once you do that, she tells you that Veya is safe, and that Councilor Eris should stop sending Outsiders and Redoran Soldiers out to look for her. You must now speak to Eris about this, which will allow you to complete the quest.


  • Levelled GoldIcon
  • Redoran Honor Gauntlets