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The Flesh Atronach is a conglomeration of skin sewn together with mystical symbols and an Iron Collar. They are the souls of Daedra in an animated shell, and were created by Relmyna Verenim.[1]

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The Flesh Atronach Golem was created when the Dunmer woman by the name of Relmyna Verenim discovered the "flesh element."[2] Since then, they have been used to guard the realm of Sheogorath as the Gatekeepers, making sure that none pass through the gate to the Shivering Isles without the mad god's consent.[3]


There are two types of Flesh Atronachs, the first one being the larger and having weapons sewn on to its arms.[4] The second type is the smaller of the two and has colorful glowing gems behind its stitches.


When in battle, Flesh Atronachs use destruction magic and melee attacks to kill their enemies and are able to jump long distances.[5]



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