"Filthy Ra Gada! I'll pick my teeth with your bones!"
―Flint-Tooth Warchief[src]

The Flint-Tooth Warchief was a Goblin commander of a Flint-Tooth Tribe who fought against Frandar Hunding's forces during the Yokudan arrival on Hammerfell. His ghost is found during the trials at HoonDing's Watch, and is the second enemy leader encountered.


March of the Ra GadaEdit

After collecting Goblin essence, go to the stone platform and Haakon will appear. After defeating him, you must speak again to Throne Keeper Farvad.


  • The Warchief is considerably taller than the average Goblin. Farvad explains that this is due to the Goblins of the First Era being much taller than goblins of the current time.