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Focused Healing is a Templar passive skill in the Restoring Light skill line in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Increases healing power by 15% to allies standing in an area of protection created by Rite of Passage, Cleansing Ritual, or Rune Focus.


  • Unlocked at Restoring Light rank 14.
  • Requires 1 skill point.


  • U5: Fixed an issue where the Focused Healing passive wasn't being applied to Rite of Passage healing. [1]
  • U7: This passive will now apply to the secondary heals from Breath of Life. [2]
  • U7: Removed the two second delay from Cleansing Ritual so it will reliably gain the benefits from Focused Healing. [2]
  • U7: The heal from Repentance will now receive a bonus from Focused Healing, and will also benefit from the Mending Passive ability.
  • U9: This passive ability now grants you the Major Mending buff while standing in your own Cleansing Ritual, Rune Focus, or Rite of Passage area effects and for up to 2/4 seconds after leaving them at Ranks I/II, instead of granting you 15/30% more healing to allies standing in your own Cleansing Ritual, Rune Focus, or Rite of Passage.[3]



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