The Font of Stamina is a restoration and regeneration font found in Apocrypha. It restores stamina, but takes time to regenerate. There is also a Font of Magicka.


Nothing is known about these fonts other than their extreme restoring capabilities. It is quite likely they are part of Daedric magic. They can not be found anywhere other than Apocrypha. They are likely unique to Herma-Mora's realm.


They only appear in Apocrypha. It can usually be found near enemies, or near a challenge. If one is used, one does not have to find a different font. It recharges. It can also be found near a font of magicka.


  • If one should use these, they will have to either find a different one, or wait to use it again.
  • These can substitute for potions if one enters Apocrypha unprepared.
  • If one should be encountered by an lurker or seeker that they can not defeat, this can be used quite simply, to help one escape.