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Apple (Oblivion)

An apple, a food item in Oblivion

For other uses, see Food.

Food is a category of consumable items in Oblivion that can be consumed, similar to a potions.

Usefulness and aestheticEdit

Food items can be converted into potions, similar to ingredients. Also, food items' abilities stack, such as eating two apples will give twice the effects of just eating one.

List of foodEdit

Image Name Weight Value Effects Harvest chance ID
Apple (Oblivion) Apple 0.2 1 Restore Fatigue
Damage Luck
Fortify Willpower
Damage Health
100 0003365D
WineBottle02-O Argonian Bloodwine 1 20 Resist Poison
Resist Disease
Water Breathing
X xx00a6a8
Venison O Beef 1 1 Dispel
Fortify Agility
Restore Fatigue
X 0003365F
Blackberry Blackberry 0.1 1 Fortify Endurance
Restore Fatigue
Restore Magicka
Resist Shock
80 00033663
BoarMeat Boar Meat 2 20 Burden
Damage Speed
Fortify Health
Restore Health
X 00033665
Bread (Oblivion) Bread Loaf 0.5 1 Restore Fatigue
Detect Life
Damage Agility
Damage Strength
X 00023D89
Carrot (Oblivion) Carrot
Cheese Wedge Cheese Wedge
Cheese Wheel Cheese Wheel
Corn (Oblivion) Corn
Crab Meat (Oblivion) Crab Meat
Grape Vine Grapes
Venison O Ham
Potato (Oblivion) Jumbo Potato
Leek (Oblivion) Leek
Lettuce (Oblivion) Lettuce
Beerbottle O Mead
Mutton Mutton
Onion Onion
Orange Orange
Pear (Oblivion) Pear
Potato (Oblivion) Potato
PumpkinVine Pumpkin
Radish Radish
Rice O Rice
S'jirra's Famous Potato Bread S'jirra's Famous Potato Bread
WineBottle02-O Shadowbanish Wine
Shepherd's Pie Shepherd's Pie
SmokedBaliwogLeg Smoked Baliwog Leg
Strawberry Strawberry
Sweetcake Sweetcake
Sweet Roll Oblivion Sweetroll
Tomato (Oblivion) Tomato
Venison O Venison 2 1 Chameleon
Damage Health
Restore Health
X 0002229B
WheatOblivion Wheat Grain

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