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Main article: Tribunal Temple Quests

Food and Drink for the Hermit is a Tribunal Temple quest, available from Uvoo Llaren at the Ghostgate, during the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Speak with Uvoo Llaren.
  2. Head to Shuran Island.
  3. Return to Llaren.


Once the Nerevarine has Cured the Outcast Outlander, Uvoo Llaren will send them on another mission of mercy. In this instance, Llaren wishes that the Nerevarine deliver a package of four Small Kwama Eggs and four bottles of Mazte to a hermit on the island of Shuran.

Secluded DeliveryEdit

The hermit is identified as Sendus Sathis, and can be found near to the centre of Shuran Island. The island itself can be difficult to find, although the Nerevarine should head to the Sheogorad region, find Rotheran, and then proceed west to find it. Once there, the Nerevarine must give Sathis the specified items, before returning to Llaren to complete the quest.


Food and Drink for the Hermit
IDJournal Entry
10Uvoo Llaren asked me to deliver food and drink to the hermit Sendus Sathis. He lives in the wilderness of Shuran Island between Sheogorad and Vvardenfell. The island is west of the stronghold of Rotheran.
  • Quest accepted
 50 I delivered food and drink to Sendus Sathis.
 100 Uvoo Llaren thanked me for bringing food and drink to Sendus Sathis.
  • Quest complete
 200 I told Uvoo Llaren than [sic] Sendas Sathis was dead.
  • Quest complete

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