For the Love of a Bosmer is a quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind that takes place in Vivec City.


Gadayn Andarys is having trouble finding a way to express his love for Eraldil, even writing her a sub-par love letter that he has left in the plaza of the Hlaalu Canton. After finding the letter and agreeing to help, the Nerevarine must either help him win the hear of Eraldil, or find him somebody who is better for him.


  • Find the love letter, it is the planter in the southern coroner the of the Hlaalu Canton Plaza.
  • Speak with Gadayn Andarys.
  • Speak with Eraldil.
  • Either set him up with Eraldil or Glathel.
  • Return after ten days for your reward.


After finding the letter, the Nerevarine can go speak to Gadayn about his feelings for Eraldil. He is afraid to speak with her and risk being turned down, and asks for help in the matter. He asks the Nerevarine to speak to her and see if she feels the same way. When asked, Eraldil will bluntly state she has no interest in him, but says he could with her cousin, Glathel.

Gadayn will be upset she doesn't care for him, then suggest using a love potion on her. The Nerevarine can either agree to give her the potion, or tell him about Glathel's availability. Either way, once Eraldil is given the potion or Gadayn is told convinced to see Glathel, the Nerevarine must wait ten days for the fruits of their labor.


If told to pursue Glathel, the Nerevarine can return ten days later to a happy Gadayn, who is now married to Glathel. He thanks the Nerevarine with a set of Flamemirror robes's and a discount at his store.

If it is decided to give the potion to Eraldil, she will take the potion, Gadayn will reward the Nerevarine with a Light Ring. Ten days later the Nerevarine married to a now pregnant Eraldil, but a very unhappy Gadayn. He will blame the Nerevarine for his problems, and will raise his prices.


For the Love of a Bosmer – EB_Unrequited
IDJournal Entry
10I've spoken to Gadayn Andarys about the note of his I found on the ground. He tells me that he has been in love with Eraldil for many months, but has not had the courage to tell her. He would like me to speak to her and tell her of his love.
20I have agreed to speak with Eraldil about Gadayn. He suggested I might find her in the Hlaalu Waistworks.
  • Quest accepted
30I've decided not to get involved with Gadayn and his love for Eraldil.
  • Quest failed
40I've talked to Eraldil about Gadayn Andarys and his love for her, and the response was not positive. She detests the poor trader, and wants nothing to do with him. She sees him as much too common for herself, and more fitting for someone like her lowly cousin, Glathel.
50Gadayn Andarys was heartbroken by the news that Eraldil wanted no part in his affections, but has been ready for this eventuality.
60Gadayn has had a potion crafted that will cause the wood elf to fall madly in love with him. He would like me to deliver it to him.
70I have agreed to deliver the love potion to Eraldil.
80I decided not to deliver the potion to Eraldil, but instead suggested to Gadayn that he might consider turning his attentions to Glathel. Gadayn seems open to the idea.
90Eraldil has accepted the potion from Gadayn, thinking it is his way of apologizing for his behavior.
95I have told Gadayn about delivering the potion, and he was overjoyed. He gave me a light ring as a token of his thanks.
100I have returned to Gadayn's shop, and it seems the love potion has not worked out as planned. Eraldil has fallen in love with him, but he is unhappier than he could have imagined. He finds the wood elf annoying, clinging, and vapid. A shame for the trader, but he got what he wished for.
  • Quest completed
110Upon returning to Gadayn's shop, it appears he took my advice and courted the homely Glathel. The trader seems truly happy with the woman, and expressed his deepest gratitude. He also rewarded me with a Flamemirror Robe.
  • Quest completed