For the Love of a Bosmer is a quest taking place in Vivec City. Gadayn Andarys is having trouble finding a way to express his love for Eraldil, even writing her a sub-par love letter that he has left in the plaza of the Hlaalu Canton. After finding the letter and agreeing to help, the Nerevarine must either help him win the hear of Eraldil, or find him somebody who is better for him.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  • Find the love letter, it is the planter in the southern coroner the of the Hlaalu Canton Plaza.
  • Speak with Gadayn Andarys.
  • Speak with Eraldil.
  • Either set him up with Eraldil or Glathel.
  • Return after ten days for your reward.

Detailed walk-throughEdit

After finding the letter, the Nerevarine can go speak to Gadayn about his feelings for Eraldil. He is afraid to speak with her and risk being turned down, and asks for help in the matter. He asks the Nerevarine to speak to her and see if she feels the same way. When asked, Eraldil will bluntly state she has no interest in him, but says he could with her cousin, Glathel.

Gadayn will be upset she doesn't care for him, then suggest using a love potion on her. The Nerevarine can either agree to give her the potion, or tell him about Glathel's availability. Either way, once Eraldil is given the potion or Gadayn is told convinced to see Glathel, the Nerevarine must wait ten days for the fruits of their labor.


If told to pursue Glathel, the Nerevarine can return ten days later to a happy Gadayn, who is now married to Glathel. He thanks the Nerevarine with a set of Flamemirror robes's and a discount at his store.

If it is decided to give the potion to Eraldil, she will take the potion, Gadayn will reward the Nerevarine with a Light Ring. Ten days later the Nerevarine married to a now pregnant Eraldil, but a very unhappy Gadayn. He will blame the Nerevarine for his problems, and will raise his prices.