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Tomb  Forelhost
Hold The Rift
Location Southeast of Riften
Type Tomb
Sublocations Forelhost Crypt, Forelhost Refectory, Forelhost Battlements
Quests Siege on the Dragon Cult
Characters Captain Valmir
Enemies Draugr
Dragon Priest Rahgot
Dragon Cultist
Location ID ForelhostBrokenTower
For this location in Online, see Forelhost (Online).

Forelhost is an ancient Nordic tomb in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim located southeast of Riften. It is the resting place of the Dragon Priest Rahgot.


Forelhost is directly southeast of Riften on the nearby mountain. There is a pathway on the southeast side of the mountain, just southwest of Broken Helm Hollow. East from Riften along the paved road and just across a small stone bridge is a single track that leads up to the right (south). Past a side path that leads up to Broken Helm Hollow, the path continues generally southwest, then curves to the north and eventually leads to an abandoned bandit tower. Up the tower steps and ramp, and across its bridge, a path leads to Forelhost, minus the flame traps. In the tower there is a frozen body on a bedroll near a pile of rubble with a snow covered expert-locked chest behind it.


This was the site where the Dragon Cult attempted to regroup after fleeing the aftermath of the Dragon War.

Captain Valmir, an Altmer wearing the armor of whichever Civil War faction the Dragonborn is aligned with, gives the Siege on the Dragon Cult quest at this location. Forelhost Stronghold has several Dragon Cultists both in ghost and in physical form. See the quest article for a detailed walkthrough.

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  • If the Dragonborn has not yet started the Civil war questline, the armor Valmir is wearing is determined by who was followed out of Helgen - Ralof or Hadvar for Stormcloak or Imperial, respectively.
  • It is possible to reach the Word Wall without going through the dungeon by climbing up the arch and jumping onto the catwalk or ledge. The Whirlwind Sprint shout is not needed to reach the ledge.
  • If one does not join The Companions, this is one of the few places in the game to get full sets of Ancient Nord Armor.
  • Unlike most of the Nordic Tombs that contain a Dragon Priest, Forelhost respawns most of the enemies within, barring the Dragon Cultists and Rahgot, who is replaced by a generic Dragon Priest.


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