"Quarries are for gathering stone, not corpses! I have deadlines. I have a quota! This is insane."
―Foreman Mevel[src]

Foreman Mevel is a Dunmer laborer located outside of Foyada Quarry. He is the disgruntled foreman of the quarry.


  • "Are you looking to get yourself killed? Go ahead. Step into the battles of Foyada Quarry. It seems like every other fool on Nirn is in there."
  • "Another one here for the slaughter? Fine. Fine! See what I care. I'm just hoping the lot of you kill yourselves before my next deadline."
  • "Foyada Quarry! Why me? Of all the quarries in Vvardenfell, why did I have to get the one that everyone wants to fight over? I'll never provide enough stone for Vivec City at this rate."
  • "Now all that my workers want to do is watch the games. Or, Vivec forbid, join them! I've already lost three of my best diggers to this madness."