"By Malacath's crooked tusk, chiefs and their howling! He's useless when he's like this."
―Forge-Wife Kharza[src]

Kharza or Forge-Wife Kharza is an Orsimer Forge-Wife of the Chief Ramash, chief of the Tumnosh Clan. She can be found in the Tumnosh Clanhold near the Graystone Quarry


Quarry ConundrumEdit

Vestige meets Forge-Wife Kharza in the Tumnosh Clanhold and finds out that something had happened to all the Tumnosh Clan workers in the Graystone Quarry. Kharza sends Vestige down to investigate what has happened and to find the Elf that was hired to increase the efficiency of the quarry.

After Vestige comes out of the Graystone Quarry Depths, Kharza had already heard from her scouts that some Orcs had been seen reappearing in the Quarry. She asks Vestige for an explanation of the situation and location of the Elf.

After Neramo emerges from the Depths with a small group of automatons, Kharza is consumed by rage, as she believes that the Elf had betrayed them. She can be either talked into letting Neramo go, or accepting the automatons as means to recover from the disaster.


Show: Quarry Conundrum

"Have you happened to see an Elf around here? Tall, spindly, talks way too much for hos own good?"

I haven't seen anyone like that recently. "No, of course not. That would have been too easy. This is what I get for hiring a tuskless runt! He said he could "improve efficiency" in Graystone Quarry. What did we get for our trouble? First the fog. Then the screams. Then ... nothing."

You haven't heard anything from the quarry? "Not a word, and it smells like Elf mischief to me. My husband, Chief Ramash, went down into the quarry to look for the Elf and find out what happened to our workers. He came back covered in blood. And I can tell you, Ramash doesn't bleed easily."
I can take a look in the quarry if you like. "I'd appreciate any help you can provide. After what happened to the chief, the rest of the clan refuses to go anywhere near the quarry. If you can get in there, find out what happened and make sure the quarry workers are safe."
Tell me about what happened here. "It's all because of that damn city they're building! The king needs stone for Orsinium's walls, for its keeps, for its damn towers! I don't know where quarry overseer Yadurl found the Elf, but he claimed he could increase our production tenfold."
That's a bold claim. "Typical Elf. Too clever for his own good, all tricks and hasty maneuvers. But our clan depends on the quarry. It's our livelihood! If we can't determine what happened down there and fix it, the Tumnosh clan is finished."
Where's the chief now? "In the longhouse, tending to his wounds and raging about the troubles that have befallen us. By Malacath's crooked tusk, chiefs and their howling! He's useless when he's like this."
And who are you again? "I'm Chief Ramash's forge-wife. Tumnosh is my clan and Graystone is out quarry. These recent troubles, on top of the pressure to provide more stone for Orsinium, are beginning to take a toll on us. I tell you, it's enough to make Malacath weep!"

After Vestige comes out of the Graystone Quarry Depths:

"As soon as our scouts sent word that people were emerging from the quarry, I hurried down to see what was happening. So, where's that damned Elf and what did he do?"

Neramo found a Dwarven ruin under the quarry. "Dwarves? That's the last thing I expected. From the stories I've heard, things involving ancient ruins and Dwarves never turn out well."

Constructs went on a rampage, but Neramo was able to get them under control. "Then the Elf survived? Perfect! That means I still get to wring his scrawny neck! Wait a moment. What's that sound? Troll dung, it's the constructs! The damn Elf betrayed us!"
Wait, he just wants to ....

After Neramo comes out of the Graystone Quarry Depths:

"He got half my workers killed, and now he insults us as well? The Elf's blood prince is steep and he's going to pay it very slowly."

Hasn't there been enough blood spilled? Neramo is just trying to help. "Graystone Quarry belongs to Clan Tumnosh! It should be worked by Clan Tumnosh, not those metal monsters! As long as one Tumnosh lives, we'll extract stone from this quarry just the way Malacath intended."

And what way is that? "With Orc sweat and Orc muscle! We'd dishonor ourselves and our ancestors if we sat back and let machines do all the work for us. It figures that an Elf would come up with such a disgraceful and dastardly plan!"
What if Neramo takes them to Orsinium and never returns here? [?]
[Persuade] Take the constructs and your blood price and use them until you regain your strength. "Their worth is considerable. And we'd be able to keep our quotas as we build back up. You're right. Thank you for letting me see beyond my rage."