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Forged in the Heart of Mundus

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  • Location: Shornhelm. Can also be found on some bookshelves.
  • Author: Dragonsmith of Bruma.


As you are a Child of the Mundus, you shall learn to tap the powers of its very HEART. With your feet upon the earth of the world that gave you birth, you shall feel its support, you may partake of its power, you will SUMMON its essence for weal and for woe.

With the strength of STONE, you will find armor against attacks, and aid to assist allies. You will SCORCH your enemies with the heat of molten rock, and choke them with clouds of ash. You will REINFORCE your cohorts and make them as metal, PETRIFY your opponents and make them as masonry.

The Power of the Mundus is in YOU. Let it flow through you as LAVA flows from a volcano. Let it fuel your WRATH and buttress your bastions. None can stand before you, for you are a Child of the MUNDUS.


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