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Forgemaster's Smock

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Forgemaster's Smock
Forgemaster's Smock
4 WeightIcon
Base Value:
1 GoldIcon
Additional Effects:
Fortify Fatigue
Resist normal weapons
Type: Clothing
FormID: See table
Not to be confused with Forgemaster's Amulet or Forgemaster's Band.

Forgemaster's Smock is an enchanted item added with the plug-in Mehrunes' Razor. It is worn by The Forgemaster inside Sundercliff Watch.


Level Enchantment WeightIcon Item ID
1 - 6 Fortify Fatigue 25 pts on self
Resist normal weapons 5 pts on self
4 xx002738
7 - 18 Fortify Fatigue 50 pts on self
Resist normal weapons 10 pts on self
4 xx002745
19 Fortify Fatigue 75 pts on self
Resist normal weapons 15 pts on self
4 xx002746


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