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Forgotten Vale

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Forgotten Vale
Forgotten Vale
Hold Haafingar
Type Valley
Sublocations Darkfall Grotto
Forgotten Vale Cave
Forgotten Vale Forest
Forgotten Vale Overlook
Glacial Crevice
Inner Sanctum
Sharpslope Cave
Forgotten Vale is a location found in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard.

It is a large glacial valley hidden deep within the mountains on the border of northeastern High Rock and northwestern Skyrim. The Vale must first be accessed through Darkfall Cave during Touching the Sky: after it has been discovered, it can be fast travelled to, via the map.

The valley features its own unique flora and fauna and a handful of caves and subsections throughout. The area also contains a large concentration of Falmer, who have built a series of walkways and camps throughout a canyon leading to the Inner Sanctum, one of the last Snow Elf bastions left.

Geographic featuresEdit

The valley is surrounded by vast, unscalable mountains making it completely isolated from the rest of Skyrim. It is split into two large areas which are separated by a narrow canyon. On the South-West side, it contains a waterfall that sits below a vast frozen lake. The other side, to the North-East, is a snowy forest environment dotted with exotic flora and fauna. Throughtout the Vale there are many "hidden" treasures and other not obvious points of intrest, so it is recommended that to search througth the palce carefully for maximum loot and satisfaction. It is also rich in several types of ore, including silver, goldquicksilver, moonstone (mostly around the forzen lake and on the mountains) and malachite (frequent along the sides of the river).

Word WallEdit

To get to the word wall, go to the Wayshrine of Resolution and go south onto the frozen lake. In the middle of the lake there is a stone jutting out, with a staircase leading up one side. Upon approaching this stone, the Dragonborn will learn a word of the shout Drain Vitality. The two Revered Dragons Voslaarum and Naaslaarum will then burst out of the ice if they have not done so already.

Notable itemsEdit




  • Hidden chests - Travel to the large ice field where the two named dragons ambush the Dragonborn, Voslaarum and Naaslaarum. After the conclusion of the battle, jump into where the dragons emerged and swim around until a chest crushing a skeleton is located. Unless the Dragonborn has the means to breathe underwater, this can be dangerous, as there is a strong current under the ice that can easily pull the Dragonborn away from the hole used to enter the area. Depending on the length of the battle, the holes in the ice may be a long distance apart and difficult to find and surface at. The chest is at the lake bottom around the midway point between the Word Wall and the southern waterfall. Next, head the waterfall located at the southernmost point. Jump into the water directly below the waterfall to find a chest among some ruins. 
  • Gold Sapphire Ring - In the hand of a skeleton with a Snowberry bush growing through its ribcage, on a rock above the Emerald Paragon Frost Giant. 
  • Bellow the bridge to the Inner Sanctum on the southern side of the chasm there is a serie of narrow platforms opon the last one of wich there is a skeletton with a pickaxe, by a gold ore vein, two gold nuggets as well as three flawless diamonds. The platform can be accessed either by running to the far west end of the cannyon and turning around left until the Dragonborn is above the southernmost mouth of the Glacial Crevice. Run along a ridge on the west side of the fissure wall and, with a little bit of climbing, the Dragonborn can reach the gold and diamonds. Or reach it by jumping down form the southern end of the bridge. The fall may cause death, it is recommended to do it on the west side of the bridge.




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