Forgotten Vale Cave is a location in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard.


The entrance to the Forgotten Vale Cave is on the southeastern edge of the Forgotten Vale, to the southeast of the Wayshrine of Sight. It's marked by a Falmer hut and guarded by a Falmer.


When the Dragonborn enters, there will be numerous Chaurus in a closed area with a gate and chaurus hunter fledglings further inside the cave. They may still be in their pods or already emerged.

Further in there will be a ramp on the left with a rope pull on the wall at the end, which when pulled, will open a secret passage straight ahead in the rock. One of the very rare shellbugs is in the chamber at the end.


Notable itemsEdit

  • Shellbug Chitin - can be mined from the shellbug found in the secret room
  • Falmer Chest