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"The ancient civilizations of Tamriel have long esteemed gardening as one of the premier domestic arts. Here is a broad selection of trimmed topiaries and sculpted shrubs for those who prefer the esthetic of a refined and formal garden."
―Crown Store Showcase[src]

Formal Garden Shrubbery is a homestead furnishing pack for The Elder Scrolls Online available on the Crown Store.


This bundle contains the following:

  • Fern, Fragile
  • Fern, Hearty Autumn
  • Flower Patch, Violets (2x)
  • Hedge, Dense High Wall
  • Hedge, Dense Low Arc (2x)
  • Hedge, Dense Low Wall
  • Plant, Blooming White Hosta
  • Plant, Healthy White Hosta
  • Plant, Paired Verdant Hosta (2x)
  • Plant, Paired White Hosta
  • Plant, Summer Hosta
  • Plant, Verdant Hosta
  • Plant, Young Summer Hosta
  • Plant, Young Verdant Hosta
  • Sapling, Sparse Laurel
  • Saplings, Young Laurel
  • Shrub, Delicate Forest (5x)
  • Shrub, Lanky Highland (2x)
  • Shrub, Sparse Pink
  • Shrub, Sparse Violet
  • Topiary, Paired Cypress
  • Topiary, Strong Cypress
  • Topiary, Young Cypress (3x)
  • Tree, Strong Olive
  • Trees, Paired Leaning Juniper
  • Trees, Sprawling Juniper Cluster