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Forsaken Crypt is a sublocation to the Forsaken Cave in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


The Forsaken Crypt is essentially two rooms; one on three levels with corridors, stairs, and crypt chambers in between. In the last room is a Word Wall where the Dragonborn can learn one of words for Marked for Death. The mini-encounter that occurs upon entering the last room involves roughly four regular Draugr and Curalmil.

Below the Word Wall, there is a short corridor, and a small room with an empty bowl. This is for the White Phial and needs Nurelion's mixture to activate. Using the mixture in the bowl will open the hidden door. The room is filled with Alchemy ingredients, along with the the White Phial.

The exit to the final chamber is accessed by following the left wall, before coming to the stairs that lead up to the Word Wall, to an Iron Door in the corner which leads back to the beginning cave area.


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