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The Forsworn attacking Rorikstead - defeating the Nordic foe.

These footsoldiers wield either one or two Forsworn Weapons, and are generally not very tough - individually they are about as tough as a standard Bandit.


The Forsworn drop only Forsworn Armor as an armor type - with variations to the pieces of the set they drop. Forsworn Axes and Forsworn Swords, as well as some Forsworn Bows, can be obtained through slaying any member of the Forsworn, with few exceptions. Forsworn Staffs, however, are obtained from some Forsworn settlements rather than random loot.

The Forsworn will drop relatively worthless loot when slain other than their armor however, they may drop notable amounts of Soul Gems, generally spanning up to Greater Soul Gems, comparatively to other mobs.

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