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Forsworn Armor

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Forsworn Armor
Forsworn Armor Full
Base Armor:
52 (set) ArmorIcon
12 (set) WeightIcon
Base Value:
190 (set) GoldIcon
Class: Light Armor
Upgrade Material: Leather
Perk: None
ID: -

Forsworn Armor is a set of light armor found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is worn by members of the Forsworn. This armor is equivalent to leather armor in terms of armor rating and weight.


When the Forsworn were driven from their home into the hills of The Reach after the Markarth Incident, their attire grew to incorporate a more savage look, containing the skulls, furs, and feathers of animals.

Forsworn weapons can also be found, sharing the primitive look of the armor, and are equivalent to Dwarven weapons in terms of damage, but are slightly heavier.


All Forsworn carry at least two pieces of this armor. They may lack a headpiece or gauntlets, though.


Forsworn armor can be upgraded at a workbench with leather, however it does not benefit from any Smithing perks.

This means it cannot be improved past flawless quality without boosting the Smithing skill over 100. This can be achieved by using enchanted items and/or blacksmithing potions to fortify Smithing.

Attributes by pieceEdit

Piece ArmorIcon WeightIcon GoldIcon ID
Forsworn Armor 26 6 100 000D8D50
Forsworn Boots 7 2 20 000D8D4E
Forsworn Gauntlets 7 2 20 000D8D55
Forsworn Headdress 12 2 50 000D8D52
Total 52 12 190



  • Forsworn armor can be sold to the instructors at the College of Winterhold and other merchants who usually only buy clothes and jewelry.
  •  360   The hands and head of Khajiit may not display properly when wearing this armor.
  • Like the Thieves Guild Hood, it may be possible to equip the forsworn gauntlets and then equip another piece of armor over the top of them, gaining the benefits of both. This seems to work only on vampire characters.


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