For this location in Online, see Coldcorn Ruin.

Fort Coldcorn is located west and a little north of Fort Empire and east of Lindai in the Great Forest. An old path south of Fort Empire leads northwest to the fort past an Ayleid Well.


There is a chest on ruined top floor outside that contains a Key of Hidden Wealth as well as a Note that reads: "The sword leads the way. Half a mile. It's just past the big rock on the right." There are no Journal entries concerning the note or treasure. This will lead you to Glademist Cave.

If you follow the instructions on the note you'll eventually find a chest needing the key. The direction you travel (northeast) is indicated by the Fine Steel Longsword lying on the ground near the chest with the Note. The treasure chest contains a Note of Bounty: "Blessed are those who explore the unbeaten path...," an enchanted dagger, and possibly a healing potion or two.

A few Bergamot and a couple of Monkshood plants grow in the ruins.


  • Fort Coldcorn

It is a one-level fort ruin inhabited by monsters with a boss monster at the end. Right inside the entrance are bones and blood with the body of a marauder a little farther inside.