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Fort Fellhammer is a fort located in Winterhold and is occupied by bandits. However, if the quest "Stealing Plans"—given by Aela the Huntress during the Companions main quest—is active, it may be repopulated with Silver Hand.


The first time Fort Fellhammer is entered, it is inhabited by bandits. On subsequent visits, Silver Hand have taken up residence. In either case, the walkthrough is essentially the same. As with many of the semi-ruinous forts throughout Skyrim, there is a breach in the outer wall here, meaning the player can avoid the main entrance if planning a stealth attack.

Fort FellhammerEdit

Upon approaching the fort one will encounter several bandits/Silver Hand. The fort's rounded, spacious perimeter makes the enemy attacks easy to predict. After they have been cleared out, move to the top of the fort and enter the garrison. 

Fort Fellhammer GarrisonEdit

This is a simple, two room affair. The Bandit Chief/Silver Hand Leader is in the second room. Dispatch him and Fort Fellhammer is safe. Grab the Fellhammer Mine Key from his corpse, loot the boss chest behind him and head back out to the fort.

Fort Fellhammer MinesEdit

The door to the mines is at the rear of the fort courtyard. Pick the expert lock, or use the key looted from the leader's corpse. The mine is spiral-shaped, looping around and under itself before ending abruptly. A shaft connects the two levels. A tripwire/rock fall trap can be found on the lower level, although it is likely an enemy will activate this before it is reached. There are ten iron ore veins to mine, and the Heavy Armor Skill Book Orsinium and the Orcs to collect from the table on the lower level.

Notable itemsEdit





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