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Fort Hraggstad

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Forticon  Fort Hraggstad
Fort hraggstad map
Hold Haafingar
Location North-west of Solitude
Type Fort
Sublocations Fort Hraggstad Interior & Prison
Quests Joining the Legion
Liberation of Skyrim
The Battle for Fort Hraggstad
Enemies Imperial Legion
Location ID FortHraggstad01

Fort Hraggstad is located in the Haafingar Hold on a snowy peak overlooking the Sea of Ghosts, with a sheer cliff to the north and uneven, slightly forested terrain to the south. The Fort is held by bandits prior to the beginning of Civil War quest. During the Quest it may be occupied by either the Imperial Legion or the Stormcloaks depending on the Dragonborn's allegiance.


In the Fourth Era, Fort Hraggstad is one of the few forts in Skyrim which is still mostly intact.[1]


If this location is visited prior to the start of the Civil War questline, (i.e. whilst it is occupied by Bandits), there will be a lookout watching the main entrance. It is possible to sneak around to the right and enter through the rear entrance, which doesn't have a gate, and take the Bandits by surprise. You can also sneak in by heading around the right-side (north) of the castle through a hole in the wall where the tower collapsed.


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  •  PC   Sometimes after completing the Imperial quest and being told a garrison of troops will be securing it, the next time you arrive it will be re-populated by bandits.
  •  PS3   The fort may be completely empty upon arrival.



  1. Dialouge with Legate Rikke

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