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Fort Scinia is located southeast of Cheydinhal, deep within the Valus Mountains. The above ground ruins are extensive and feature a hard to get to raised platform with a Fine Steel Bow, two Arrows of Burning and a few Silver Arrows.


Inside is a standard ruin with rooms and corridors. A few traps like wooden blocks in chains falling down, triggered by breaking strings just above the floor. There are several chests in all the sublocations with minor loot.


  • Fort Scinia
  • Fort Scinia Hall of Legends
  • Fort Scinia Crypt


A Venerable VintageEdit

Nerussa at the Wawnet Inn is a wine collector, and will pay handsomely for the rare Shadowbanish Wine. Straight ahead as one go through the door into the Hall of Legends area of the dungeon, there are 2 bottles.


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