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Fortify Block is an alchemical and enchanting effect found on certain ingredients, potions and enchanted armor.


Main article: Enchanting (Skyrim)

Armor may be enchanted with the Fortify Block enchantment at an Arcane Enchanter after the enchantment has been learned. Armor enchanted with Fortify Block increases the wearer's Block skill while equipped.


Main article: Alchemy (Skyrim)

Potions with Fortify Block temporarily increase the target's Block skill.


Potions with Fortify Block may be crafted at an Alchemy Lab by combining any 2 or more of the following ingredients:


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    • Does Fortify Block work when blocking with a Two-Handed weapon? The enchantment says "with a shield" but sometimes in game text is wrong.
    • Yes, the block skills covers shields, one-handed and two-handed weapons. So a fortify block enchantment will improve block for all those types.
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