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Fortify Destruction is an alchemy and enchanting effect found in certain ingredients and on certain Armors in Skyrim.


  • Potions increase the strength of Destruction spells when consumed. Damage is increased by the percentage listed on the potion.
  • Enchanted items reduce the Magicka cost of Destruction spells, from 1% to as much as 29% per item (through the use of Necromage and being a Vampire this is actually 36% instead when enchanted appropriately). It is possible to completely remove the Magicka cost of Destruction spells if the total of Fortify Destruction enchantments are equal or superior to 100, for example with 4 equipment pieces with -25% magicka.
    • Note that the Fortify Destruction enchantment will also reduce the soul consumption of enchanted weapons. At 100% reduced cost of Destruction spells, enchanted weapons will no longer deplete with use, and need not be recharged. This applies to any weapon enchantments except: Auriel's Bow, Dragonbane, and Red Eagle's Bane including enchantments that at least appear as if they should belong to other magical schools (e.g. Paralyze, Soul Trap). This doesn't apply to, for example, a Staff of the Storm Atronach. Though it does apply to destruction staves. The Dragonborn's allies and Dead Thralls cannot exploit the reduction of soul consumption in weapons which also includes: Brother Verulus, Enmon, and Maurice Jondrelle.
  • Similar to the Fortify Restoration exploit, most weapon enchantments are counted as 'Destruction Spells'. That is, when you drink a Fortify Destruction Potion, and then reequip your weapons, their effects will be increased, and will remain so until unequiped. (Tested in 1.8 on PC)


Different from enchantment, potions of Fortify Destruction increase damage. Enchantments reduce magicka cost; potions increase damage output. Potions of Fortify Destruction have time limits.


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