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Fortify Enchanting is a property of alchemical ingredients in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Potions created with such ingredients enable the user to create more powerful enchantments while under its effects.


Fortify Enchanting potions can be bolstered by a few perks.

  • Alchemist (5 ranks) - Allows created potions to be up to 100% stronger.
  • Benefactor - Potions you mix with beneficial effects are 25% greater magnitude.
  • Necromage - If the Dragonborn is a vampire; potions count as a spell cast on self. The Fortify Enchanting strength will be 25% greater. This was tested as no longer working in the standard version of the game. Not tested in Dawnguard.


A Fortify Enchanting potion can be used in conjunction with the Fortify Alchemy effect to create an Alchemy/Enchanting loop.

This is done by:

  1. Creating a potion of Fortify Enchanting.
  2. Consuming the potion and enchanting the appropriate equipment (helmet, gloves, amulet, ring) with Fortify Alchemy.
  3. Wearing the Fortify Alchemy equipment to create a more powerful Fortify Enchanting potion.

With the proper perks and obtainable bonuses it is possible to create very powerful enchantments. This is useful for those wishing to create powerful equipment for themselves or followers without abusing the Fortify Restoration exploit.

Note: it is possible to enchant and wear both a circlet and a number of specific helmets at the same time. The two helmets that are abundant and should be relatively easy to get access to are the Falmer Helmet and the Penitus Oculatus Helmet.


The following ingredients contain this effect:



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