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Fortify Heavy Armor is an Alchemy effect, and an Enchantment that is found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


The following ingredients with the Fortify Heavy Armor effect can be used for alchemy:


The enchantment can also be obtained from pieces of armor that can be disenchanted, and permanently applied to cuirasses, gauntlets, gloves, neclaces and rings.

Levels of fortificationEdit

  • Fortify Heavy Armor has a total of 7 possible levels of enchantment:
Level ID Range Magnitude Cost MagickaIcon
Base 0010FB78 Self 8.00 157
1 0007A10E Self 12.00 246
2 000AD463 Self 15.00 314
3 000AD464 Self 17.00 361
4 000BDFFF Self 20.00 431
5 000BE000 Self 22.00 479
6 000BE001 Self 25.00 551


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