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Fortify Restoration is an Alchemy and Enchantment effect in Skyrim.


The Alchemy effect increases the Restoration skill. This can have several effects:

  • Decreases the magicka cost of Restoration spells.
  • Boosts the potency of potions crafted with the Alchemy skill.
  • Boosts the potency of potions drank after the Fortify Restoration potion.
  • Boosts the strength of enchantments with the Enchanting skill
  • Boosts the existing enchantments of weapons, armor and jewelry temporarily.
  • Shortens the cooldown time of Dragon Shouts.



  • Nahkriin
  • Various amulets, rings, headgear and armor with 'Restoration' in the title.


  • Drinking an very high level Fortify Restoration potion prior to equipping an Amulet of Talos will eliminate all cooldowns on Dragon Shouts. The effect will be lost if the amulet is removed.
  • Riften Fishery is an excellent place to collect three of the ingredients used in the Fortify Restoration potion (Abecean longfin, Cyrodilic spadetail, and salt piles). They can be found in the fish barrels that are abundant around the docks. The Dragonborn must steal the items. However, if Wujeeta is spoken to first and a healing potion is given to her to cure her skooma addiction, one can have free legal access to the Riften Fishery and all items within.
  • If the Hearthfire add-on has been installed, one can add Abecean longfin and Cyrodilic spadetail in their hatchery to get many of them (around five to six of each every two or so days). After adding a kitchen to one's house, salt piles spawn there every few days. Yellow mountain flowers cannot be grown in a homestead's garden, however.HF


  •  360   Items enchanted with Fortify Restoration may have a significantly reduced effect. i.e. even if items that total more than 100% reduction in Magicka are worn, the Magicka cost may still be much higher than it should be (as the cost of Restoration spells should be zero).
  •  PC   PS3   The exploitable glitch still works when it comes to creating super powerful enchantments such as high healing rates which match that of the Argonian hist playset. To seal the glitch permanently into the game and keep one's godhood, one must use the glitch to create overpowered alchemic and smithing equipments. It may or may not work for the other consoles, PC included.
    • Create an alchemy apparel/armor set normally.
    • Use the set to create the Fortify Restoration potion once, drink it, and then re-equip the gear.
    • Repeat step two until one's enchanted alchemy set reaches a comfortable potency.
    • Create Fortify Enchanting potions and enchant the new alchemic gear and smithing gear with the glitched effects to seal it permanently into gameplay. One must be careful not to abuse the glitch to reach six-digit power levels.


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