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Fortify Smithing is a property of alchemical ingredients and enchanted apparel. It only affects the improvement of weapons and armor at grindstones and workbenches, not the creation of these items at a forge.


The following ingredients also contain this effect:


The following potions cannot be made, but are sold by Apothecary merchants. It should be noted that when using a potion, the 30 second timer will continue during the smithing process itself.

NameEffectItem ID
Blacksmith's PotionFor 30 seconds, weapon and armor improving is 20% better.0003eb2e
Blacksmith's DraughtFor 30 seconds, weapon and armor improving is 30% better.0003995d
Blacksmith's PhilterFor 30 seconds, weapon and armor improving is 40% better.00039962
Blacksmith's ElixirFor 30 seconds, weapon and armor improving is 50% better.00039967


The Fortify Smithing enchantment can be learned by finding one of the following items and disenchanting it : Artifacts and unique items that use the effect include:

The following items can be enchanted with Fortify Smithing:


Seeker of Might DB


  • Crafted potions of fortify smithing may not affect armor/weapon improvement if perks have not been placed in smithing. Perks allow armor/weapons to be improved beyond base improvement. A potion's percentage seems to affect this difference only. 


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