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"A few days ago, knights from the Fortress of Ice attacked a small caravan destined for our Guild. This caravan was to deliver to us an object of unimaginable importance, a missing tablet that would help decipher a part of the Elder Scrolls."
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The Fortress of Ice is a fortress-turned-dungeon located to the south of the city-state of Winterhold, in the north-east regions of Skyrim.


The fortress is two-floors, and is much less extensive than that of Stonekeep and the Fang Lair.

The first floor is the first bulk of the fortress, among the rooms being a central waterway-hub room, quarters for the Knights, and various rooms with specially carved architecture and in-floor caverns, along with in-floor hubs guarded by various Snow Wolves. There are also multiple flooded tunnels near the waterways, suggesting leakage and poor maintaining of the waterway.

The second floor is accessible through an ice staircase, and is the second bulk of the fortress. More extensive underground tunnels are dug here, but is generally similar to the first floor. New wall patters were carved in the deeper portions, along with new flooring.

At the time of the Eternal Champion's arrival during the Third Era's Simulacrum on the journey to rebuild the Staff of Chaos, the fortress was kept running by a group of hostile Knights. The fortress was kept generally well-tended to. Although most of the doors have been heavily damaged, the wall designs and wall patters were well preserved.[1]


The Fortress of Ice was originally the personal fortress and home to the legendary Archmagus Shalidor, in turn with his personal testing grounds being his Labyrinthian.[1]

After Shalidor's time, the fortress was taken over by a group of hostile Knights, acting as bandits. These knights worked side-by-side with towering Ice Golems, making them almost unstoppable to the basic adventurer.

During the Imperial Simulacrum of the Third Era, the Knights of the Fortress of Ice attacked an extremely important caravan destined to the Winterhold Mages Guild. This caravan contained a Tablet, which when connected to a larger tablet, was able to reveal the Elder Scrolls and the location of the Archmagus' legendary testing grounds, the Labyrinthian.[1]


Fortress of IceEdit

The first part to the third main quest of Arena. Following the Eternal Champion's venture into the Fang Lair, Ria has divined the location of the second piece of the Staff of Chaos: the Labyrinthian. The Champion must talk to Thelen Kaarn, a wizard from the Winterhold Mages Guild, and obtain a stone tablet from Archmagus Shalidor's Fortress of Ice to decipher the location of the Labyrinthian.





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