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Daggerfall Cover

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Information about Daggerfall


Daggerfall was released in 1996. It's graphics have aged SEVERELY. Many players are put off with the current graphics and lack of mods.


Many standard TES players find Daggerfall hard. Unfortuatlly to survive a Warrior type class is your only option. This game is extreamlly hard and time consuming.


Daggerfall required a DOSBOX emulator. Many players are put off by this.

NOTE: Daggerfall is free to download.


Daggerfall was great for its time. However it is now the least played TES game. Could Morrowind be next? Let's hope not!


Page created bySahil Tandon on 4th December 2011

Reply (Free TES games, Arena & Daggerfall)

I just started to playing with Arena (2012 summer), but I'm interested in Daggerfall too.

Arena gives me these

  • Free to play CRPG
  • Retro game feeling, classics that influenced the other titles in the series
  • Playable with DOSBox
  • Works offline, no server lag issues
  • Low disk usage (compared to recent games)
    • ~25 MB
  • Low hardware / software requirements, even with DOS emulator (compared to recent games)
    • Native DOS (source: )
      • Minimum CPU Type: 386SX
      • Minimum CPU Speed: 25 MHz
      • Minimum RAM Required: 4 MB
      • Minimum Hard Disk Space: 25 MB
      • Minimum OS Version: 5.0
      • Graphics Type: VGA
      • Graphics Resolution: 640x480
      • Color Depth: 256 Colors
    • I found that it has smooth gameplay on Windows XP with:
      • DOSBox ~16000 cycles (at low details settings)
      • AMD Athlon 64 3800+ (~5 year old CPU)
      • 1 GB RAM
      • Geforce 6150 (~5 year old integrated GPU)

Note that these advantages might mostly apply to Daggerfall too. However I am interested in the hardware requirements to play it under Windows XP + DOSBox. I will share my experiences if I will try it out.

Issues I had with Arena

  • Graphics and gameplay limitations (compared to recent games)
  • Game gives "Insufficient base memory" message and stops.
    • It is not very frequent, but happend more then once under different DOSBox memory settings.
    • Impact: loosing current game session.
    • Workaround: save often
  • Corrupt saved game
    • I observed it once. One shop (NPC in town) "have lost it's name", and I have lost those items that I put there for repair.
    • Workaround: make a regular archive copy of your entire game directory.

Hints for DOSBox

  • Improved graphics: scaler=2xsai
  • Keyboard layout can be reconfigured (and resed if you get tired of the custom layout, and want back the default)
    • In general I use WASD insted of arrow keys for movement.


-- 11:58, September 3, 2012 (UTC)