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I'm a new member here, so don't poke too much fun at me. I was playing Elder Scrolls Skyrim and was just outside of WindHelm looking for the Assassin J'datharr. After pickpocketing him to get the note from him and then killing him, I ran back to the city and found a random Dunmer by the name of Reveler laying dead right where you would take your first step onto the bridge to cross to get to WindHelm. My question is, what happened to this guy and why is he dead? Has anyone else come across this same thing? Does anyone believe this to be that random glitch where someone disappears or is this scripted?

There is nothing of value on Reveler just a set of clothes and 2 Honningbrew Meads.

Answer: That's a glitch or something killed that reveler, but since revelers are always in groups of 3 present, i'd say its a glitch.

Revelers are random spawned npcs who offer the dragonborn some mead.

Nothing serious, just continue to enjoy the game.

You were right to ask this question though, as this type of thing does happen. What you do with certain NPCs will trigger encounters with other ones, even without a quest directing you through it.