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I was doing a quest and acquired a bounty during it, a guard began chasing after me and I ran. I couldn't fast travel because of the "You cannot fast travel while being pursued by guards" so I walked to bravil. I paid the removal of my bounty to s'kriva and left. But I still can't fast travel. It still says I'm being pursued but there's no bounty on my head. I can even talk directly to the guards and then go about my way. As well I have reloaded my game several times, then completely turned my xbox off, and the loaded and it still won't let me fast travel. ???

Just wanted to tell you that i have the same issue here and wasn't able to fix it...seems i have to play without fast travel...

You could try getting a bounty again and this time going to jail and/or pay your fine to the guards. Then see if you can fast travel; if not, just don't save. I'm curious, so let me know if that works plz! If it doesn't work though, I can't think of any other suggestions as of right now.

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This worked for me - just pick-pocket a guard, pay the fee and it fixes it.

Ok, so I've encountered this interesting glitch, was just wondering if anyone else has..

when i fast travel to whiterun, everythings fine and dandy, but if i fast travel to dragonsreach, two random enemies spawn right next to me when i arrive at dragonsreach. the enemies get attacked by any nearby guards, aswell as me ofcourse. the first time, a wounded frostbite spider and a restless draugr spawned, the second time, a bandit chief and bandit outlaw. i stick to fast traveling to whiterun rather than dragonsreach now, just to avoid the random glitch. anyone else had this problem or know a possible fix??

I traveled to every city i may have had bounty in and got arrested. that fixed it for me