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Theory One (Math and Numbers) (FAILED)

Starting off at the Frostflow Lighthouse, you will see a Torchbug in a jar above the fireplace. At the bottom of the stopper on the jar, there are for letters inscripted, Z, W, T, and K. Assigning and adding each number to each of those letters (26, 23, 11, 20), one will get the number 80. Add the two numbers in 80 (8 and 0), and get 8. Assigning a letter to 8 will get the letter H. So, we have two H's. Now, half of 8 is 4, which, in letter form, is the letter D. So, we have two H's and a D (HHD). A location in Skyrim that has two H's and a D may be Dushnikh Yal. Now, the 80th letter in the alphabet {Taking 26 (How many letters there are in the alphabet) times 3 and add 2) can be translated into the letter B. And in Dushnikh Yal is Burguk's Longhouse. So, travel there. And inside of the longhouse, under the porch and stairs, one will find a Dragonfly in a jar. The inscription under this stopper reads J, W, and T. All added together (In letter form) equals 53. These numbers translated into letters are 5=E and 3=C. The word alchemist has both E and C in it. Add 5 and 3 and you will get 8 again. As said before, 8=H. In the word alchemist, H is near the letter I, just like the Alchemist's Shack is near Ivarstead. Traveling to the shack, one will find the Butterfly in a Jar. On the underside of the stopper on that jar reads P, I, G. Adding P and I together (as numbers) will result in 25. 2=B and, as said above, 5=E. Adding those two will get 7, which is the letter G. Now, we have B, E, and G. Unscrambling and adding other letters into a location in Skyrim will lead to a bedroom in the Goldenglow Estate. Adding the G from the butterfly's jar to P and I will result in a total of 33. Multiply the two 3's, and we get 9, which translates to the letter I. The bedroom in the Goldenglow Estate is named Arigoth's Bedroom. So, travel to that bedroom and find the third bug, the Bee in a jar. On that stopper, it says D, A, and T. Taking the D away and adding A and T equals into the number 21, which translates back into a letter: U. So, no more A or T, as we now have D and U. A location in Skyrim starting out with those two words is Duskglow Crevice. Adding all three of the letters in the bee's jar, however, comes to 25. Adding those two numbers will result in 7, which translates into the letter G, as said above. This adds a G to the pair of D and U. Duskglow Crevice has all those three letters in it, proving its location. Now, traveling to Duskglow Crevice, we will find the last bug, the Moth in a jar. The only two letters under that stopper are M and T. Adding those two as numbers, we will get 33. 3 plus 3 equals 6, which translates into F. Going back to the 33 and multiplying those, we get 9 again, which, as said above, is I. A household area starting with those two letters are fireplace. A fireplace is where we started, the one in the Frostflow Lighthouse. Will this never end?

This theory only proves that there is a secret behind these bugs in jars, but what could it be?

Theory Two (Unscrambling) (FAILED)

If one takes all the letters inscripted on the underside of each of the jar's stoppers, they will have the many amount of letters which are: Z, W, K, T, J, W, T, P, I, G, A, T, D, A, and T. Some have tried unscrambling these letters into a word or words, yet it is impossible due to the amount of vowels. One would need to have more vowels (More than two A's and an I) to create an actual word that long.

Therefore, this theory has failed. However, there is still a secret behind these bugs in jars, but what could it be?

Theory Three (Runic Script and Summoning)

Using the Elder Futhark runic script, one can possibly translate the inscriptions under the jars' lids. However, some of the letters on the lids are not in the script. Therefore, not all the letters could be translated to the Runes, leaving (In order of the respective jars) þ N<WI <GEL<MA< N (Spaces being the missing untranslated letters). As for their meanings, it seems to come out as: Giant - ? - NEED; JOY - ICE - ?; GIFT - HORSE - LAKE; MAN - AEDRA (Or, possibly, one of the Norse gods Aesir; however, in this case, 'Aedra'); ? - ? - ? - ? - NEED.

One might see this as a profane blood ritual involving a giant and sacrificing a horse to an ice lake to ascend to godhood.

Connecting Elder and Younger Futhark scripts seem to be doing a good trick, as the letters now translate to þUN<WI<GEL<MA<W KIN. The letter/rune between W and K could not be found. But 'KI' was put together by adding them into rooms, summing the translation up. It now comes out as: GIANT - AUROCH - NEED; JOY - ICE - YEAR; GIFT - HORSE - LAKE; MAN - AEDRA; JOY - ? - TORCH - ICE - NEED. Therefore, this is an unknown conclusion.

Alternatively, however, the curve on the G of the Butterfly's jar may not be a curve, yet, simply an overlap in the lid's texture. Now, it may say þIS (þ translating from runic script to TH, and then adding IS, creating THIS). For each individual jar's bug, the meanings would be: bee: may be NH (The first rune for the bee's jar is definitely N, however, the second letter/rune, H, may not be correct. If it was, the translation would be NEED - HAIL - ?); butterfly: GIANT - ICE - SUN [(Or THOR - ICE - SUN) This may be a reference to Alduin or other dragons that can breathe both Fire and Frost, hence 'THOR - ICE - SUN]; dragonfly: the dragonfly could be two different translations, one being the previous one said, GEL (GIFT - HORSE - LAKE) (which may mean shadowmere, seeing that shadowmere rose out of a lake in the Dark Brotherhood questline) or its newest runic script's translation, NEED - HORSE - LAKE (Or WATER); moth: the translation's initials are DE. Bethesda Softworks might have messed up the rune/letter's texture for D, making it DAY - NEED; and, finally, torchbug: simply NEED - HUMAN - LAKE.

All of these conclusing translations seem to each be a requirement of something, possibly, to summon something. Basically, these all lead up to an instruction of some sort: To summon a creature of Ice and Sun, you need to ride into a lake on your horses in the daytime during something involving hail.

This also relates to the classic sayings "Never look a gift horse in the mouth" and "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink". Combining these two together may be another solution.

However, this is unconfirmed and probably a failure of a theory, being that the letters may not even be part of the runic script, and they just seem that way. Eventually, any carving in wood or rock may seem like a runic letter. So, this has been confirmed as a failed theory. Still, there is a secret behind these bugs in jars, but what could it be?

Theory Four (Quest)

The inscriptions on the bugs' jars may relate to some sort of quest in Skyrim.

Possibly, a bugged quest? Pun intended.

However, this is still unconfirmed and the inscriptions probably do not relate to a quest in the game, but there still must be a secret behind these jars' bugs, so, what could it be?

Theory Five (Talos' Ritual)

It could be a ritual in Skyrim to summon the only Divine without a known summoning date, Talos. This theory relates somewhat to Theory Three.

However, there is no evidence toward this theory, making it an unconfirmed and probably failed one. Although, there is still a secret behind these jars' bugs, but what could it be?

Theory Six (Bethesda Initials)

A very likely reason behind these inscriptions may be that they are simply initials for some of Bethesda Softworks' employees' names.

All the likely this may be, it is still unconfirmed. But, there is still a secret behind these bugs in jars, so, what could it be?

Theory Seven (Inside Joke)

For Bethesda, it might also be an inside joke to the employees. If this is the case, the only way players will know is if Bethesda releases the mystery's true solution themselves.

That being said, it is possible this is not an inside joke and could be another failed theory. Thus, there still is a secret behind these jars' bugs, but what could it be?

Theory Eight (Skyrim's Fate)

The Thalmor may be trying to erase mankind from existence, and the things that are stopping them are the eight towers: Crystal Tower; Red Tower; Tree-sap; Orchalc; and Khajiit. All of which were destroyed or deactivated. The most significant and only remaining one are the Brass Tower and Snow-Throat, or the Throat of the World. The Brass Tower was cast out of time. The tower may have a spiritual connection with Numidium, the brass god, and the disappearance of the tower and therefore Numidium may tie in with the disappearance of the Dwemer. Snow Throat is the only active one. Each of these towers have stones which bind them to Nirn, and the theorist concluded that the Weynon Stones bound Snow Throat. This is why the Thalmor have been waging war on Skyrim; so they can destroy Snow Throat or the Weynon Stones, either way destroying the last tower and wiping mankind from existence. As insane as this theory may be, it is still possible. There is still a secret behind these bugs' jars. So, what could it be?