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After playing Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, I have discovered that if you want the best all-around character then an Imperial is the best choice in my opinion. As an Imperial I've become Listener of the Dark Brotherhood, Leader of the Thieves Guild, and Harbinger of the Compainions. I'm currently working on the College of Winterhold questline. I have chosen the Imperial because he has the best stats at the beginning of the game. He lacks all the stealth skills (15). He also makes up for it in magic. His destruction skill is at 25 and Alchemy, Illusion, and Alteration is at 20 with the rest being at 15. His melee skills(one-handed,block,heavy armor) at 20 are great starting points. The stealth skills are very easy to level up through paid training and use. You can level up alot of them at the very beginning of the game, through Helgen and the other beginning quests of all the other questlines. He also is at medium height so he has medium vertical jump and moves quite quickly. We all know that the race of a character affects those things, and I'm sure if other experienced players read this they will agree. I know ask you to try it the Imperial race. In the beginning, you're character will take a little bit of time to level up past 10. Once you pass 10, things start speeding up as your character gets stronger in all three areas. You're character will be strong at a low level and you'll only get stronger from there. I also suggest getting your smithing skill up so you can improve your weapons making you even more stronger. At level 30, I killed a dragon in 4 strikes and deflected the dragons breath attacks with wards. *SIDE NOTE-DON'T UNDERESTIMATE WARDS! THEY ARE VERY USEFUL AT HIGHER LEVELS PROVIDING YOU HAVE THE MAGIC TO KEEP THEM UP IN BATTLE* So I've given you insight to the game if you're a new player, and hopefully I've given experienced players a new idea to try out.