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I've adopted Sofie, and have her at Lakeview Manor. I've been trying to give her gifts, but I keep getting the response "Item is too heavy to carry." This includes food items (Honey Nut Treats, Sweet Roll, Apple Pie, etc.), Child's Doll, and Girl's (color) Dress. Is this a glitch, is there something I need to do first, or am I not able to give her (or them if two children) a gift? Thanks for the info/input in advance.


  • It sounds like a glitch. What system are you using, PC or XBox? On the XBox, we have had no problem giving adopted children gifts, in fact, they will ask for them from time to time. One of us has adopted Sophie as well, and have had no problems. She will take certain books, apples, treats, dresses, dolls, wooden swords and daggers. Sometimes she asks for gold, as well.DarthOrc (talk) 06:05, November 28, 2012 (UTC)

XBox; I'll try again today and see if that changes. It's possible that it's a 'occasional glitch'; I've had problems with the pillars not turning until after I leave the location, wait a day (or more) then try again. I'll update later today if it's fixed itself or if it continues. Thanks.