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Forums > Skyrim > Skyrim:How do you make crossbow bolts if you chose vampire lord in dawnguard?

Like I asked, how do you create a crossbow and crossbow bolts if you chose to be a vampire lord in skyrim?

Can anyone help? It's annoying having a crossbow I cant use. :/

Answer: From what i have researched and tested, you cannot make crossbow bolts if

you have chosen the vampire side of the Dawngaurd questline.

You must choose the Dawngaurd side of the questline and they will teach you how

to make the bolts and crossbows.Keep asking people around the fort what you can

do to help, and you will get a quest to get the improved crossbow schematics.

You definelty want this because your crossbow will ignore 50% of armor when upgraded

with the schematics.

Also, if you keep asking what you can do to help you will get quests for a Rune hammer and a Rune shield.

Rune hammer - Creates a 50 damage fire rune when you bash a surface with it.

Rune shield - +10 bash against vampires and sustained blocking creates a minor

sun shield that does 10 damage while draining the wielders stamina.

Hope this helps.