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On this page I will tell you how to get 100 in Smithing in Skyrim without cheating or using exploits. Enjoy!


Smithing is used to make weapons, armor, and also used to upgrade these weapons and armor. The first thing you need to know is that any race can smith even though the orcs start with 20 in smithing. You should start power leveling when you have about 10,000-20,000 gold and have plenty of time. The main two objects that you will repeatedly make will be iron daggers and leather bracers (If you have any leather left over). To get iron for the daggers you have two options, buying iron and ore, or mining for iron ore. Personally I would do both for getting the most iron possible and not worry about running out. There is an ideal mine in Dawnstar called Iron-Breaker Mine that will get you a decent amout of ore. Then you can go on a smithing world tour going from city to city buying iron and ore than making daggers when you have a decent amout of iron. Just rinse and repeat and you're well on your way to getting smithing to 100!


The mine's ore will respawn every month (Skyrim time).

I would reccomend going up the right side of the smithing skill constellation tree to get Daedric Weapons or Armor faster rather than going up the left.

When you smith the daggers I would keep them to power level enchanting (see a different page).