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Below is a list of roleplaying ideas that will possibly enhance your gaming experience. It is recommended that you play the game fully as normal before moving onto the ideas below, as many will not follow the general story, which will mean you will miss out on much of the content included in the game. These roleplaying ideas are more to enhance further playthroughs of the game. Please feel free to edit and add your own ideas onto the page.

Realism Mode

  • Turn off HUD in game. The heartbeat and heavy breathing will show you when you are out of stamina and health.
  • Use only the paper map included in the game box, or one found online. This will mean you can not track where you are as easily, allowing you to become lost.
  • No waiting, only sleeping. Exceptions for waiting would be if you have forged some armor, and would like to wait to show that it takes time to craft.
  • Possible use of 'Hardcore' Mods. These can be found on sites such as Skyrim Nexus. Some of these mods will force you to eat and sleep when realistically would have to.
  • Eat regulary and wash your clothes in pools of water and dry them out
  • When swimming wear simple clothes and not armour
  • Travel by day and sleep at inns or camps at night if you don't make it
  • If you do something that would most likely change your lifestyle: Skooma, Murder, etc.; let it change your character's lifestyle as appropriate
  • Never wear armor looted straight off of bodies. in real life it would be bloody, cut up, and might not fit you. if you find armor in a chest, it must be improved at least once.
  • (Suggestion) Wear armor only in the wilderness, or in combat.
  • (Suggestion) Eat at least three meals a day, meals must weigh 1, ingreadiants do not count.
  • (Suggestion) Eatting raw meats will make you ill, sleep 4 hours per raw item eaten or continue without the use of power attacks, shield bash or dual cast spells.
  • (suggestion) Don't use fast travel, carts are fine.
  • (Challenge) During the beginning at Helgen, run through it all just wearing your rags. don't kill anyone, take anything, sneak, pick and locks, or do anything that will improve your skills. once you get out, it is extremely hard, because you are a low level, and have no armor or weapons.


  • Roleplay as a Researcher who has moved to Skyrim to observe the flora and fauna, as well as the native humans.
  • Keep a journal of your results and findings. Possibly take screenshots as 'sketches' of your work.
  • Don't play as an overpowered warrior of doom - you are there to observe. Work more on sneak skills to get close to what you are watching, or some magic to help you get away from dangers.

Ze Gourmet

  • Work as a traveling chef buying, cooking and selling food around Skyrim.
  • Avoid killing humans. Hunting is ok.
  • No weapons apart from a bow and a dagger for self defense.
  • Wear a chef's hat at all times.
  • Possible winning conditions could be a self imposed profit made. Money must all come from food trading. No looting.
  • Locate yourself in a jarls palace or an inn. Working at the cooking spit then selling your produce so it can be given to people

Hardcore Mode

  • No manual saves, except when quitting the game. Apply as you wish.

Whispering Fang

  • Play as a Khajiit.
  • After escaping Helgen, go to the Talos Shrine and equip the Monk Robes and boots.
  • Cannot use weapons, magic, dragon shouts, or armor.
  • The only dragon shouts permitted are those needed to progress the story.

The Lone Wolf Mode I

  • You start off with Fur Armor
  • No companions allowed
  • Carry one-handed weapons only and a Bow
  • work to improve your armor and weapons
  • Make Valtheim Towers your home or any other fort

You Are Not A Professional Bodybuilder Mode

  • Carry only what a average warrior would be able to carry.
  • One Suit of Armor, one set of clothes.
  • No more than one large weapon, one ranged weapon and one "holdout" weapon such as a dagger.
  • If it wouldn't realistically fit in a knapsack, sachel or your pockets, carry it only in "pick up" mode.
  • No carrying more than 5 of any given small item type.
    • As in: 5 potions total, 5 soul gems total, 5 jewelry items total, 5 ingots total, ect...
  • Don't carry over 500 Septims unless you're: Moving your home; or Going to buy something super expensive.

Play as a Giant Hunter

  • Play as a nimble race that uses archery, preferably a Wood Elf.
  • Carry light armor and a set of clothes.
  • Have a bow and a "holdout" weapon such as a dagger.
  • Roam around Skyrim making your fortune by killing Giants.
  • Once you believe that you have a lot of money, made from killing Giants, retire and live a humble life in your favorite city.

The Nomad

  • Play as a quick, stealthy race that obtains food by hunting.
  • Have a hunting bow and iron/steel arrows, plus an iron or steel dagger.
  • No potions or poisons.
  • Find hunter holdouts and cook food there, making armor and clothes out of leather and pelts obtained from the animals you kill.
  • To buy more arrows, sell your meat, pelts and other belongings in towns nearby to purchase arrows.

Hunter and Gatherer

  • cannot kill humans (even if they are hostile) or participate in any quests where you have to kill humans like the dark brotherhood
  • have to make honest money (no stealing killing humans for armor, weapons, gold ect.) so cannot join thieves guild
  • live your life hunting animals and gathering plant for alchemy or mining
  • you cannot buy anything from store owners however you have to craft everything you need so bows, swords/axes/war-hammer, armor, and arrows (if you have daw guard installed if not you may purchase arrows)
    • to buy arrows sell your pelts, meat, ingredients, potions or ingots that you get yourself
  • You may buy a house if you have enough money
  • must eat twice a day (right when you wake up and before you go to bed)
  • hunt and gather while its day time head inside and sleep when it is night.
  • do not do any crime even if you don't get caught no trespassing, stealing, pickpocketing, or murdering


  • refrain from any guild, armies, or main storyline if you can (other then for the benefit for becoming a homeowner.)
  • walk everywhere never fast travel or use carages, but you may purchase a horse.

The Psychopath

  • As a doom warrior of death, roam Skyrim with a powerful weapon (perferably the Mace of Molag Bal) and kill everyone you find.
  • Possibly download a mod allowing the player to kill essential characters.

The Redguard wanderer.

  • Dress only in Redguard equipment, that means no armour or weapons other than a scitimar and a bow and arrows of choice.
  • You were tricked by a thalmor spy into killing your friends who you believed were the spies, thus obtining 9 sets of armour (Possibly). You use the scitimar and bow to make an HONEST living. Shoot animals and mine ores. you can have ay companion because they could be mercenaries you hired as guards, you can hoard stuff as an adventurer, use multiple companion glitches to form a caravan to rival the kahjit caravans.

The Homeless Scrounger

  • Do not buy or sell anything.
  • You can not own a house, so no marriage or adoption.
  • You can not store items within containers.

The College Student

  • Dress in college robes (NOTE: college robes are called College Robes, they can be bought from radient raiment in solitude)
  • See how much Mead or Wine you can drink in one night, (from sunset to sunrise).
  • Study the Environment, maybe join the college at winterhold, randomly devote yourself to researching certain objects such as standing stones or alchemy ect...
  • See if you can gain enough money to build a house through the hearthfire DLC if you have it.
  • The house is your goal, it can be bought if you dont have hearthfire.Ryanurch (talk) 17:34, October 1, 2012 (UTC)

The Paladin

  • Use only Swords (Great, Dual, whatever you like.), Bows, Heavy Armour and restoration magic.
  • No items relating to Daedra or undead.
  • No Thief skills are to be used with the exception of Speech.
  • Collect an amulet for each Divine, including Talos.
  • Do not become werewolf or Vampire, if you do you must drop all amulets, cure yourself, and start collecting again.
  • Do generally "Good" things for people. E.g. No murder, theft etc.
  • The Paladin - Grimlord17

Rogue Cop

  • Don't save unless you are done playing.
  • Play on master difficulty, evil is something hard to overcome.
  • Kill only 'bad' people/creatures (bandits, daedra, forsworn, etc. or anything/one that attacks you or any 'good' person unprovoked)
  • Don't steal from the good or, to add difficulty, at all.
  • Play as any race. Use Khajit, Dark Elves, Argonians, or any race that others have a prejudice against to add to the 'Rogue Cop' feel.
  • Only harm or commit a crime against an good person if it helps the 'greater good'.
  • Disregard guards, they just sit around and don't destroy evil like you do you brave hero.
  • Don't partake in any bad acts like helping out Maven Black-Briar or some such thing.
  • Don't join thieves guild or the brotherhood.
  • Enjoy the challenge or don't play it. -MagellanicandStuff 


  • Never purchase any items. You may sell items to merchants but may not purchase. You may spend money on conversation purchases (like when you buy wine at the black briar meadery or buying a house). You MAY spend money to train with NPCs to level up skills.
  • Never craft any items. This includes enchanting, alchemy, and smithing. All objects must be found on fallen enemies or as quest rewards.
  • You MAY pick pocket, steal, and such. You may eat ingredients or disenchant if you wish to raise your enchanting/alchemy skill to raise your overall level. You may use soul gems to recharge magical items you find.
  • You MAY cook, and you may IMPROVE items with smithing (though you will have to either mine to get ores and smelt to ingots or find ingots lying around since you cannot purchase anything).


  • You may not do any evil deeds. NO stealing. NO murder. NO pick pockets.
  • No illegal deeds- no tresspassing, nothing that would cause a bounty.
  • You may not participate in quests related to the thieves guild or dark brotherhood.
  • You may not participate in morally gray quests (such as stealing the horse for sibbi black-briar)
  • You may not employ black soul gems or The Black Star
  • You may not use poisons.
  • You may not attack while sneaking/hiding.
  • You may not take the "evil" ending to quests (including the Daedric quests). (May require some foreknowledge of quests that will force you to commit evil acts like the haunted house quest in Markath)


  • Play as a nord
  • Do not use magic- only lesser powers, greater powers, and shouts- no spells
  • Wear dragon armor as soon as possible. 
  • when complete dragonborn quests, fight for imperials or stormcloaks and live a life.

No Crafting

You cannot:

  • Craft anything
  • Enchant anything
  • Everything you use must be picked up or given to you

Bar that anything goes.