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XP 'cheats' and coin (ALL Work post patch PS3) :)

Weapon leveling: One-handed, two-handed - Simply get a follower, and hit them with your weapon. You will increase you level. This works best with Mjoll the Lioness in Riften, as she is classed as essential and cannot be killed, nor will she turn on you. She may leave your service, but you can simply ask her to follow you once again immediately, and carry on.

Conjuration: Use Soul Trap on a dead body to gain Conjuration.

Restoration: Cast Equilibriumand Healing at the same time; does not level Alteration (possibly because Equalibrium requires no magika to cast). Equalibrium will turn your health into magic, creating and infinite magic pool for the healing spell which will refill your health.

Coins: POST PATCH (PS3 + 360) Go to winterhold, and face south (towards a large hill) with pebbled road. You may come across wolves. Then turn right when you see a large arch, carry on until you find the sightless pit map icon, and go around to the top of it. You will see a concrete 'shrine' go up to the table where the skeleton is and take the sword near him. He and others come to life, kill them then click on the skeleton that was on the table, and then click out, and repeat you will notice a certain book increases in amount in the skeleton's inventory, when you have had enough take the books, (Once you have left the skeleton disappears so this can only be done once) Try take a follower there so you can get more books.

Enchantments: Create a potion of Fortify Enchanting, drink this, then while the bonus is still in effect, create an amulet of Fortify Alchemy, use this to create another potion of Enchanting. Repeat this process. Eventually you will have a potion that confers a bonus in the hundreds, thousands, or even millions. Enchant an item of your choice (it is suggested you enchant something light, such as a ring or a necklace, because enchanting your axe can make the game very boring, whereas a ring you can simply not wear).

Every skill to 100: Use the exploit in the bugs section on Oghma Infinium. WARNING! Make sure that you do the exploit on a separate save, as it will basically break your experience of the game.-----What you do is buy a house and get the furniture pack with the bookshelf. Activate the bookshelf, Read the Book, choose a Path, and place the Book in the bookshelf. Pick up the Book, choose Do Not Read and place it in your Inventory. Repeat.Make sure to Save before doing this, and save every-once-in-a-while just in case you mess up. If you mess up the Book will disapear. If you continuously do this glitch on each of the three Paths (in any order) you can easily get your Skills to 100.(Still works post patch 1.6 on Xbox confirmed)-------

Go Through Most Walls: Get a wooden plate (can be found in most houses or pubs), drop it on the ground, pick it up, and move it so it is touching a wall, at face level, (flat walls work the best), and walk towards the plate. Keep running into the plate and you will find yourself pushed through the wall. If you fall into oblivion, (a.k.a. if done inside an interior) after a certain amound of falling, you will respawn at the entrance to that interior.

Go Through Most Walls/Most Locked Doors and Falling Through the Map: ------Get a Platter and drop it. PIck it up and place it on a wall or on a locked door (while still holding it). While continuing to hold the platter, Sprint into until you have gone though the door/wall. In Whiterun if you do this outside, you will fall through the Map. Somewhere underneath is a Chest. Another way to fall through the Map at Whiterun is to go up to SkyForge. Walk to the edge and WhirlWind Sprint onto the nearest roof. At the top of the roof is a beam. Walk along the beam until you get to the pole(thingy) that is near the Wall around the Hold. Jump on top of the pole(thingy). Once at the very top, WhirlWing Sprint over the Wall. You will be off the Map. This procedure is hard and tedious.-------

Shop Chests: Underneath shops (and even exterior shops) are chests which contain the entire store's inventory, (even the amount of gold the shopkeeper currently has) and also an item, called "Do Not Delete" which is a chest that can be picked up. Using the trick above, you can access some of the aforementioned chests. One of the best places to do this glitch is Elgrim's Elixirs (Riften), as it is a very easy accessible chest.

Rolling without perk: While sneaking, if you jump and, while jumping, hold down alt, you will execute a forward roll on landing even without the perk.

Smithing easy leveling up:-----This can be easily done in Whiterun. Talk to the two blacksmiths one near the main entrance and the one near the Skyforge next to the companions guild. Buy all of their leather and leather strips, got to a forge and smith hide bracers they are easier to make and weigh less then leather gauntlets. Repeat smithing the hide bracers over and over to easily level up your smithing and the occasional level up of your main level. If you want to use this cheat 'legit' or almost legit then you can hunt animals for leather and craft the leather and strips yourself. The hide bracers you have crafted, you may do whatever you want with them.

Easy Conjuration levelling up: The bound spells such as bound battle axe or bound sword only give you experience when in combat. This can be exploited using Horkers. Horkers can be usually found on Skyrim's northern coastline such as near Dawnstar. Horkers are very slow which means you can keep using the bound spell and sheathing over and over while slowly moving away from the horkers when they get close. This is easily exploited using gear that reduces the cost of conjuration spells or increases the rate at which your magicka regenerates.