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Does anyone know if they will fix any of these glitches, in my game, 1. when you leave white run there is a man bye the horse stables,his name is Luis Rich i beleive, after a confritation with him a few times the game made more of this charecter, now there is 10, of these luis rich, and it seems like he is only there with now his family of 9 other exaxt brothers to always cause trouble with me when i am in whiterun, will and can they fix this glitch. 2. glitch is the campion glitch i call it all the campions, want stop talking to you when your with them or have anything to do with them , makes the game so annoying, you cant even fast travel away from them,and you half to keep dissmissing the talk action just to move 25 feet, or till you can get a sprint shout to a horse to get away from them, i pray they fix this one makes me want to start my whole game over, but im a level 75, and that would be a huge losss, now that dawnstar is now another paid attraction to the story we as customers have paid for. and finally glitch # 3. why dont the horses spawn back in the game more regular, that is a pain in the ass, when you are full questing with steed stone to bank roll money through out the game no horse, you cant overload weight to fast travel. bummer. anyone have any ansewers to any of these glitches, thanx.