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Ever needed gold, lockpicks, gems, or armor or even weapons? Well, look no further. Located in Dawnstar there is an invisible chest that contains multiple items up to the level of your character. When you fast-travel to Dawnstar, you just follow the path across past the Windpeak Inn, Dawnstar Barracks, and The White Hall, and head over to where the Iron-Breaker Mine is. To the left of the mine entrance are a couple of rocks mixed in with some shrubs. Just stand in the gap between the two rocks and focus the cursor onto the edge of the 3rd rock to the rear left, the one closest to the shrub and farthest back. If you place it right, the screen should say 'search chest'. Once opened, there should be multiple potions, ores and ingots, ingrediants, weapons, apparel, and etc..

Note: The inventory of the chest seems to be affected by the inventory of the Khajiit merchant, Ahkari, who can be found outside of Dawnstar at least once per week. Waiting 48 hours and then speaking to Ahkari seems to refresh the contents of the chest, often reflecting items that are found in her inventory at the time, including items sold to her and gold spent at her shop. Most enchanted weapons and armor that appear in her inventory can be found free of charge in the invisible chest, once it's inventory has been refreshed by speaking to her. Unknown if speaking to any other Dawnstar merchants affects the content of the chest.