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  Ok, im in the middle of the 'to kill
an empire' quest, but it wont work,
this is what ive done so far... im at
the prep the fod bit, but everytime i
make the food i follow 'gianna' up the
stairs and to the room, but the door
never opens, never. ive been on this
quest for 2 days now, loading and
reloading and repeating. i think im
gunna need to start over which is a
real downer as im level 40 and dont
really want to start from lvl 1 again
and if it does come to that, i just
wont bother, this quest may have
finished skyrim for me.
I have tried every differant way of
preping the food, and everything,
sometimes while following Gianna up the
stairs i can hear ppl talking in the
food hall, but they never open door,
and i cant go out the front door as i
need a key. Is there anything im
missing or doing wrong, or is it just
a annoying glitch that has completely
messed this game up for me...?? any
help will be great :)